3 ways to prevent gold plated jewellery (jewelry) from tarnishing

3 ways to prevent gold plated jewellery (jewelry) from tarnishing

Some people love the vintage look of gold plated jewellery over time.  If this isn't for you. 

Then follow these 3 simple steps to help keep the condition of your jewellery, the best you can, for as long as possible.


1)  Remove at night, before doing your night time cleansing routine and sleeping.  This may sound simple.  However even a make up wipe, over time, can really effect the quality of the gold plating.  

2) Keep in a dedicated pouch and make sure it is dry and free from any perfumes or chemicals when storing.  This can be difficult.  So we do include a polishing cloth along with our luxury gift boxes and super soft keep me pouches, in order to help make this easier.

3)  Bubble baths and hot showers are lovely, but make sure your jewellery doesn't enjoy it with you!  Along with bath salts, bubbles, lotions and perfumes, try to avoid these getting in contact with your jewellery.


We hope that helps you keep your jewelry in great condition for as long as possible.


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